Happy Children

Happy children scream and shout

They’ve no idea what the world is about

Maybe you understand more than it seems

Yet you are content just playing in the sun beams

Is it ignorance, courage, or something else?

A shield of protection from magic spells?

However you do it, please just know this

Grow up, and you’ll find adulthood a chasmic abyss

I suppose sparing you this would make me nicer

It’s just that life will advance on you like a spouting geyser

And I would sever my heart to make you wise

It is of little help to be caught by surprise

I know you will have to make your own mistakes

…But I’m jumping ahead, for goodness sake!


Let a sleeping child lie; let a playing child play

You will enter the world in your own time and way


Happy children, scream and shout!

Maybe I’m the one who doesn’t know what the world is about.






April 15, 2018  ¦¦  Lake Loveland, CO






Copyright © 2018 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.


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