I have spent time in the most dangerous and destitute, despairing place in the world. I do not recommend you visit. In fact, I would advise that you distance yourself with as much space as you can possibly create.

It’s not a war torn country of Africa. Though it has been made bereft from conflict.
It’s not a tsunami ravaged area of Japan. Thought it has been wiped out and nearly away.
It’s not an earthquake zone. Though it has been shaken almost to destruction.
It’s not an alien planet. Though little to nothing of it is domesticated.
Its not a high security prison. Though extensive walls have been built around it.
It’s not the arctic tundra. Though it has frozen over.
It’s not the depths of a volcano. Though it has erupted multiple times.
It’s not the Sahara dessert. Though there are few songs of life sung there.

Have you, this riddle, figured out?

This place is deep within me. Next to my soul. This place is constantly crushed by burdens and weights. This place is ferociously haunted by ghosts. This place is surrounded by fierce hungry crocodiles ready at any moment to snap their extensive jaws down with hydraulic force. This place is settled like a frat house, by plenty who make themselves comfortable, trash everything, and leave without any explanation or attempt to clean up on their way out. This place has been charged by angry rhinoceros. This place has been stalked by stealthy panthers. This place has been bitten by venomous snakes, stung by scorpions, and infected with contagious viruses.

This place is my heart. I reside there. It is a horrid and devastated place.






Berthoud, CO  ¦¦  May 28, 2018






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