I would have made a better moose

Stealthily hiding behind tall bushes

I have food a plenty, and I like it

One hundred percent of my time is spent in nature

There are no boundaries I can break

I don’t necessarily want to be seen

I have a good life as far as I know

I am well-equipped for all season

People really enjoy spotting and seeing me

The smart humans keep their distance

I am self-confident and unaffected

I am not aggressive unless I have to be

Personal space is very important to me

I am quiet, especially for my size

I am as easy going as it gets

I like jazz music, and I love my greens

I am a unique creature, and I like myself







Northern Colorado (from a hammock)  ¦¦  June 3, 2018






Copyright © 2018 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.


Posted by:Tack & Pine

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