I am an outright fraud, full of heresy.
I am a two-faced demon.
I am a scoundrel.
I am a hypocrite at best.

I speak love and hate in the same breath. I selfishly look with one perverse eye, and I tenderly see with the other. I give generously with my left hand, and I greedily take with my right hand. One ear listens with empathic understanding,  the other hears with misguided judgment. My right leg jumps up and runs to help, simultaneously my left leg is running away with spineless cowardice. One large foot audaciously meanders the wide path, and the other timidly tip-toes the narray way. I breathe life and kindness into humanity with one lung. And I suck joy and good out of the atmosphere with my other. On one bended knee with humility, on the other to duck and hide away. With one arm I do hold on for dear life, while with the other I cannot let go quickly enough. I know exactly who I am with my right brain, while my left side brain has never even met me.

I am a cocktail of simple syrup and poison.

Meet me and feel valuable.
Know me and feel desperate.
I am confident and sorry.
I am delightful and terrible.
I am a blessing and a curse.
I am a sunrise and a storm.






Loveland, CO  ¦¦  July 31, 2018






Copyright © 2018 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.

Posted by:Tack & Pine

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