You can be whatever I want you to be
It’s fun for me …. but not really
You don’t truly feel that way
You don’t actually say those things
You never meant the things I had you say
Fantasy is not your freedom
And your choice did not include me

But since it’s fantasy…

We did all those things anyway
It’s not like you didn’t enjoy them
I’ve never seen you so happy
You really had a thing for me
I don’t suppose you would remember
Sometimes it was like you weren’t even there

Fancy fantasy…

We went on so many adventures
We did anything our hearts desired
We sure did smile an awful lot
Physical affection was like breath in our lungs
We traveled afar and saw the world
We shared so much together

Fantastic fantasy…

I think maybe what I remember most
You liked me ‘as is’; for who I am
And this held true no matter what
That’s probably why I loved being with you
You offered me security that reality never could
Do you ever fantasize? Do you know belonging?

Unfulfilled, failed, faulty, fantasy… …  ..  .  .

I made some good memories
We can always look back on those
Does it matter if they aren’t real?
I don’t visit you much anymore
Neither in fantasy nor the real world
But I miss you like Eden in both






Berthoud, CO  ¦¦  May 2, 2018






Copyright © 2018 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.

Posted by:Tack & Pine

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