What does one do with a severed heart?
Where does one go to find relief?
How does one discover enough comfort?
When does one move beyond ever-searing pain?
Why does one always have to move on?

I am one, having not the answer
One might suppose that as the Earth continues spinning
Regardless of weather. Or really anything
So ought we to keep on moving
Despite any type of circumstance

But does not the earth find itself weary?
Never a chance to rest or slow itself down
I suppose with practice, maybe rest is not needed
A tough tenacity must build over time
Scars and fatigue most prevalent, just carry on anyway

Sad. Some broken things do not endure healing
But with the time catalyst and other agents, like love
The mystery of healing is always a possibility
But please, by all means necessary, be well forewarned
If ever anything was a process — it is the act of healing






Denver, Colorado ¦¦  July 7, 2018






Copyright © 2018 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.

Posted by:Tack & Pine

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