Have You Seen my Dreams?

My dreams and I used to be a tight-knit unit

Woven; Intertwined; we held and carried the same purpose

Like twins at birth — inseparable: we set the same course

Together, we made our share of mistakes and misinformed decisions

And on occasion, we also triumphed in our pursuits

My dreams and I; see we don’t talk anymore. I lost them.

You know how it is!? It’s easy to lost track, even of those you love

Dream-tempters show up — they tear us apart and leave a rowdy wake

We go our separate ways. And we are mature about it.                                       Mostly.

Sometimes I really do miss my dreams.

I miss their courage, their unrelenting hope, their positivity, their company

…I hardly remember what they were like any more
I mostly just wonder where they went off to, and how they are.






Colorado  ¦¦  May 2, 2018






Copyright © 2018 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.

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