Dear Slender Pines,

I find myself again in your midst

Sleeping at your feet

I lifted my eyes to search the night sky

The clouds separated us softly

From the stars and the galaxies above

And lady moonshine shone a foggy glow

Through the clouds’ wispy whispers

How you revered her light!

I saw the way your branches upheld

All of her sweet dignity

She confided coolly through the atmosphere

Her language translated by the winds of life

Which you gathered and understood

Above the world, with your pine-top view

As the translation of her gentle words

Rested like dahlias upon your ears

And you were fortified and terrified alike

At such magnitude of midnight grace

Your silhouettes against her light astounded me

Your charcoal points pierced the night sky

You were in wonder, and so was I

Neither for the first time, nor the last

I am one of you.






Brown Mountain, Colorado — Dispersed Campsite  ¦¦  August 26, 2018


Neat Note: the ‘dahlia’ flower used to describe the beautiful weight of the moon’s language in this piece of prose was courteously provided by Kimi, the owner of Howl Mercantile & Coffee, in Salida, CO, where I had the fortunate opportunity to be present while I composed and edited this. The dahlia is Kimi’s favorite type of flower.

If you find yourself in that neat little town, I advocate for the comfortable, calming atmosphere of her space, along with her gentle care and attentive flair. Howl is a delightful space, and they wisely use Corvus Coffee RoastersIt is a worthwhile visit.







Copyright © 2018 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.



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