Little Yellow Aspen Leaves

Little yellow aspen leaves
Scattered on the ground
Late in the month of August
Clear blue skies span earth’s ceiling
On a brisk, crisp, Tuesday morning
I see you and feel a pang of something
Not entirely painful
But far from anything pleasant

Little yellow aspen leaves
Scattered meekly around
You remind me of the ends of things
And discomforting transitions
Into darker, colder seasons
Of weather and life alike

Little yellow aspen leaves
Rich color slowly fading
I can’t quite wrap my head around it
How can there exist
so intense, hues of elegant beauty
in death and finality?
In the ends of things?

Little yellow aspen leaves
Do you ever fear your descent?
What is it like for you to let go?
Is it hard to lay down your life?
I am keenly fond of you
Thank you for your example
On how to begin and end with grace






Lake City, CO  ¦¦  August 28, 2018






Copyright © 2018 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.

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