To the forest, to the trees,
To the campfire, and its evasive tease
To the midnight breeze, and its groan
To one more night alone

A little tipsy, from a little whiskey
A common gypsy, every thought is risky
Sway to the left, stumble to the right
I promised myself I’d be okay tonight

I stood up, and made a toast
To everything that matters most
Reality began to fade
Nature was my accolade

I threw dried needles on the fire
I listened to their breath expire
I remember when everything mattered
And I sure hated it when everyone scattered

That last sip, this sip, and the next one too
It’s both sad and crazy: how every sip is for you
I shatter when I think, ‘It will never be the same’
Did you know that the treetops whisper your name?

Yeah. They do it from dusk until dawn
Every single night, they remind me that your gone
A little more wood, burn that fire hot
Just like me, I gave you everything I got

I think a lot of things; I think them quite often
But most everyone instructs, to take them to my coffin
Lay it to rest I guess; just let it die
Love is such a tragedy! Can anyone tell me why?

Do you ever think of me? Do you believe in second chances?
Have you already succumbed, to another man’s romances?
What? Is that so wrong for me to ask?
It’s in these questions that I so frequently bask

I’m almost out of whiskey; I’m almost out of wood
I wonder if I did everything I could
Even with mistakes, regrets, and bad decisions
I still don’t want you out of my vision

Smoking stogies, drinking whiskey, and hanging by the fire
See, even out in nature, its you whom I admire
I stumbled off into the woods, and had myself a pee
I listened to the wind, and watched flames flicker off trees

There’s not much left of anything
My heart gave all that it could bring
So to one more night alone.             It kills.
I love you so.                   And I guess I always will.






Colorado wilderness  ¦¦  June 15, 2018






Copyright © 2018 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.

Posted by:Tack & Pine

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