Last night I dreamed…

I was riding my motorcycle in Seattle. Nothing was recognizable as Seattle within my dream, but I knew that is where I was.

It was snowing. And I was wearing shorts!

I didn’t have much of any memory of anything. I was either on my way to something, or looking for something or someone. I rode slow through a city intersection, in a few inches of snow, focusing hard so that I didn’t spin out or fall in the snow. I pulled into a parking lot and parked on a little mound of snow on a curb in front of a building.

I went inside to ask for directions. There was no one on the first floor, so I began to descend a flight of stairs and as I went, saw a man and a woman, both standing behind a separate table, surveying the room in front of them. Contemplative, as if they were trying to figure out the ideal layout for the room, or discerning the final step to a complex math problem. I watched and waited for a minute while I pondered what to do. I felt nervous about interrupting something important so I turned around to go back up. I took one step and turned into a woman coming down the stairs.

The woman seemed surprised to find me there, undecided in the stairwell. I asked her if she could help me with directions. She said something about getting me in trouble and charging me to get directions officially. I didn’t want to pay for something that should have no cost, and asked if she could just tell me the general direction off the top of her head.

I told her I wanted to go to Seattle, and then corrected myself and said, “no, North Beach.” She printed two pieces of paper with directions on them and we walked outside. She was cute and her name was Laura. She was barely short, with blond shoulder-length hair, seemingly shrewd, but helpful. I saw my motorcycle parked with my helmet on the ground next to it. Laura leaned over to write something additional on one page on her knee. While doing so she dropped the additional page. I picked it up and looked at it. There was nothing useful on it.

I began pacing back and forth in the snow. At the turnaround for a span of pacing, I realized someone had pulled their car up on the curb near where my motorcycle was. It looked like they must have run over it based on where they were in relation to it, but I just could not believe that, given its placement and visibility.

It was improbable but I walked toward the car to make sure. As I did so, I noticed the man driving. An older man with a white beard and mustache, glasses, and a hat. A cool, fancy hat, and he was just pulling his seat belt back on, diagonally downward across his front torso. I reached the front corner of his vehicle just as he started to back up, and it shocked me to find that he had indeed driven over my motorcycle. He parked right on top of it, and was now in the midst of driving over it again while backing out!

Out of disgust–for some reason all I had was a thumb tack in my hand–I threw it at his windshield, and raised my hands in the air in frustration as I yelled, “Come on, man!” in exasperation.

In the excitement, Laura was running over toward me …

And in the excitement, my alarm went off and woke me up out of this alternate realm.


*I was thinking about this for a moment in bed after I awoke, and I wondered…”what if there is someone named Laura somewhere in the world who shared the same dream. Only she was walking downstairs in her dream when someone named Benjamin showed up and asked for directions. Then the craziest thing happened! Some guy ran over Benjamin’s motorcycle. Right in front of him!” and “what if a guy was driving his vehicle and ran over a motorcycle by accident or on purpose, and then went to leave out of embarrassment or neglect, and some guy came and threw a thumbtack at his windshield”?

What if this thing happens often, or always? Shared dreams, or ‘mutual dreaming.’
What if we all exist in the same two realities together? One during wakeful hours, and one during sleeping hours? Aaah, I love exploring thought!

Dreaming is so very peculiar. So I’m starting a dream category for kicks.
For those rare times when I do remember my dreams.






Loveland, CO  ¦¦  September 27, 2018






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