I was recently invited to a one year anniversary party at Annalise the Amaranth–the local and lovely florist boutique–in Loveland, CO. I am fortunate to live nearby because it is the type of place you feel added life granted to your soul, just from walking by and peering through the large, street-facing windows. It feels like looking into a live fairy tale land.

A step through the front door reveals a fairly small, but quaint space. Quaintly eccentric–not over the top–but with all of the warm decor and soothing aura that so often comes from an enchanted mind and a creative spirit. Upon entering, a small pink bench of Victorian essence greets and welcomes you, with what appears to be a white sheepskin resting on it. I wrongly assumed the bench to be largely uncomfortable. (After giving it a chance later in the evening, I found it to be quite cushy and pleasant to sit on.) Paper lanterns hang from the ceiling, relaxing in suspended stillness. Plants abound, so naturally, the ecosystem of the room is literally filled with life. An orange flowery arrangement fills in the diagonal corner and extends out into the room–a type of homage for autumnal dreams and Halloween spirit–and is further embellished by several lit candles. A variety of unique novelties are dispersed about on complementary shelves, awaiting the attention of those who strike particular fancies; most notably a plethora of delightfully scented soy candles.


A tugged back curtain entices entrants of the first realm to peer in and introduce their footsteps to the curious space beckoning from beyond. Just inside, a table subtly offers hors d’oeuvre and wine. A specimen from the cervidae family, with a receding hairline and a fairly impressive rack, watches from high on the wall with cautionary skepticism over the guests. A vast variety of vases line a nearby shelf–ever appropriate for any florist. A stairway snakes up the back wall like an overly long Tetris piece, leading up toward an apparent nowhere. The ambiance portrays a curious excitement that accompanies an undeniable comfort and satisfaction that comes with the familiarity of home.



The woman behind the business is the real draw to the space. Annalise’s demeanor exhibits warmth and cheerful kindness. Her smile is effervescent and her aura is good fortune for anyone who happens upon it. Speaking of aura–after meandering around, meeting some folks, and gently tending to some box red wine, I found myself in the farthest corner, chatting with Judy about her aura photography. I had never heard of such a thing, but in looking at the equipment and observing others participation, my curiosity quickly piqued.


The shape and size of the camera and tripod itself resembled the old-timey cameras with the sheet the photographer ducks under. But this contraption was more modern and had wires running out along the floor up to some small blue boxes resting on stools on either side of the seat facing the camera. The boxes each had small metallic plates in the shape of a hand. So there I stood, probably for minutes on end, observing.
Thinking to myself, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!”

What is it?
What does it do?
How does it do whatever it does?
What exactly is a Biofeedback Imaging Color Spectrometer?
Is that a term from Back to the Future or Eureka?


I felt it out first by chatting with others after they had their own image taken. I considered it to be quite pricey at $40, but I find I will often pay more than I’d like in order to have my curiosities met, to gain a unique experience, or garner a better understanding of the extraordinary and mysterious world around me. And so I did just that! I awaited my turn, I asked Jane questions to discern what I was getting into, and I went for it.

I set down my plastic cup on a nearby table and took my place, facing the curious box. I was instructed to not move, though breathing and blinking were fortunately acceptable. I placed my hands, each on their own blue box, I stared into the lens and gave my best smile, laced with the thoughtful undertone: ‘I-wonder-if-these-types-of-things-are-purposefully-brought-to-parties-so-that-socially-uncertain-people-and-INFJs-have-something-to-do-when-things-start-to-feel-awkward.’ It was a matter of seconds. My aura had been recorded, and it appeared as the following on this particular night:


I recorded the post-image interpretation from Judy, and I m going to share it with you:

“I’m going to start in your physical body. You have red. So the red tells me you’re on the go, on the go, on the go. But you can see right around your neck, there is a little bit of black in there. You carry stress in your neck and shoulders. I see the stress coming out and going up, which tells me it affects your moods. So the more stressed you get, the more tired you get, the more moody you get. Not a lot though, its just a little bit.

You are a little stubborn, with this red circle, the brighter red above your head on your right [I think she actually pointed to the left when she said this]

You do live in your head. You’re a thinker, thinker, thinker, thinker, thinker, thinker. So a lot of red in there, thinking. I would have thought you would have been more orange–the creative side, being a stone worker. But you do it from your head as a thinking part, not as a creative part. Does that make sense?

Me: “I think so, yeah…..hah, I THINK so…hahaha” [I’m funny]

Yeah, see! You live in your head with the thinking.

There is some purple, up around here, so right along the left side of your head and up in the aura. So it tells me you’re actually open spiritually to see what that is for you. So you are actually open to it.

There is a little bit of light yellow in your throat. So it’s not a bright yellow, but it’s a little bit of yellow in there. It tells me you kinda watch what you say. You don’t just blurt without thinking. So a little bit of a filter.

There is a little smidge yellow coming up both sides of your body, in the arms, that tell me you’re independent. But it’s not real bright so it’s not overly so. If it’s overly so you wouldn’t ask for help. But yours just tells me you’re okay to do things on your own.

Now, your aura is down a bit, it doesn’t come all the way to the top of the photo, so it tells me that you are introverted, not an extrovert…at least tonight. Because this photo is tonight.

And probably some of this black right here, along the edge of the photo is the alcohol. Because it does affect your aura.

[I asked follow-up questions here and then our conversation trailed off into another direction …Hopefully she was done and I didn’t miss anything important!]


I do–seemingly by default–tend to carry reservations in regards to the validity of some things of this nature. But as my aura explained, I am open! I will say I have never met or seen Judy before and I would say that the interpretation at face value was nearly completely accurate. There were perhaps a few vague mentions that I perceived she rushed through, and I would have liked to expound on further. And there were those that proved deadly accurate!

Nonetheless, I am glad for this experience. I am thankful for the night. It is good to be curious. It is helpful to ask questions. It is healthy to engage things and people not well understood or known. It is fun to attend parties. It is a blessing to be alive. It is exceptional to be in and a part of a community.



I am generally not much on recommending anything unless I believe it to add value into the world. That said, I commend Annalise’s presence and discovering her shop online may serve you well. Do it for the aura! Even if you live elsewhere, the digital space is aesthetically pleasing and is representative of the brick and mortar. And if you happen to come to lovely Loveland, please drop in and see Annalise and her creative artistry for yourself.

Acquire yourself a terrarium or a floral arrangement. Grow something good.






Loveland, CO  ¦¦  November 1st, 2018






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