Please excuse me; I just forgot myself

As the dance of the butterfly caught my eye
I tried to predict her movements
It was total chaos! sputtering and fluttering
I peered further – this chaos was not unchecked
I tried to will her path toward me
That I might step in as dance partner
For I endeavored to learn from her
“Might I have this dance?” I reverently inquired
of the air beneath her wings
Patient and Polite — the only way
For everyone knows the wind will carry an unkind word
The air is fair and just in all things
My request was granted, and so I stepped in
I took hold of her wings, rigidly and clumsily
She spoke grace to me in every language
She was wrapped up in a blanket of elegance
Yet weightless was she, a flying beacon of liberty
Nothing could keep her from being free
Not even me

And so we waltzed

How could one be so gentle?
She had no void, only fullness
I found myself quite concerned
Was she fragile with her paper-like wings?
Would the rain saturate her wing and bring
an ugly end to her glorious flight?
But she moved on, no self-concern evident
Either perfectly ignorant, or completely confident
She loves everything she touches, everything she sees
No complaint will ever reach her lips

Had I the poise of the butterfly’s dance
Had I half the love that is in her wings

I endeavor to join a swarm of her tribe
I must intimately learn the dance of the butterfly

I move with massive trepidation
My boots are filled with concrete
Hardened emotion, this does not come naturally
I see and hate what she cannot

The butterfly dance is gratitude
To be alive
Teaching me softly
Her lesson was complete

As the butterfly fluttered by
I muttered my cluttered sigh

Please excuse me; I just remembered myself






Northern CO  ¦¦  June, 2018






Copyright © 2018 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.

Posted by:Tack & Pine

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