Go ahead and roast me over it and call me a drip, but I have bean enjoying the delectable aroma and delicious taste of coffee for quite some time. One might say coffee is even the single origin of my energy and vigor. Coffee and me–it’s like Cupid shot us through with an aero, pressed play, and then we found a four-leaf clover! I love it more than I can espress. Oh! I would definitely make a direct trade of ANY beverage for a cup of excellence. Save maybe bourbon; surely that is not a fair trade.

Pull up a mug. If you are cold, brew some java for your thermos. You don’t need sugar and crem. A mocha or a cold brew will do. Nowadays, though, to raise the bar is ta deliver a truly sensational cup of joe. And you can extract this however you want, but I like anything with a full body. I mean, that’s practically american. Oh, maybe it is just my earthiness coming out, but I really do like to find balance and complete everything with a nice finish. If you don’t like that, well, you can get the puck out!

A macchiato for instance, really isn’t something you want to pour over yourself, but I would happily take a cappuccino along for any red eye flight. Some think they have to tamper with things to create a ristretto, but that is just hearsay from reporting done by the french press.

Oh, affagoto tell you, sometimes I do I like to go to a café, au lait down and take a nap.

You’ll have to use your own filter, but as my Canadian friends would say, this is kind of a latt eh?

→How many coffee words or references did you discover strewn throughout? Comment if you like ←

Denver, CO  ¦¦ October, 2018

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Posted by:Tack & Pine

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