We live in a

Disposable world


Itʼs not, really

But we often treat it

As though it were

So much became so cheap

So rapidly. And how

Convenient and

Easily replaceable!

Materialism and capitalism —

A subtly strong cocktail

Inexplicably drinkable.

But this a blind step

(too far) … forward?

Reverse humanism, I’d say

When did we begin

To treat humans

As cheap and convenient,

And easily replaceable?


In a world so quick

To dehumanize, perhaps

An alternate word used

Might cajole our brain

Pattern and response–

Allow me to restate:

When did we begin

To treat relationships

As cheap and convenient

And easily replaceable?


Is it now that we are

Able to connect

Anywhere with

Anyone? That intimacy

Belongs solely to the

Confines of romance

Or just a bygone era?

We treat people as

Disposable. We do.


But our fellow humans

Are intricate snowflakes.

No duplicity of spirit.

Perhaps in appearance —

Twins and mirrors

Yet unique individuality

Comes standard

With every new born


A paradigm shift

would be delightful, no?

To hold fast and revere

With reinstated principles

Not for posterity’s sake

But to actually live by:

Courtesy, respect

Dignity, justice

A proper use of

scary words like

Discrimination and judgment

A significant reduction of

Assumption, ignorance

and unattended bias


Add patience and consideration


For giving to people

And for the thinking on

Of such important ideas

Things and thoughts

Loveland, CO ¦¦  January 7th, 2019

Copyright © 2019 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.

Posted by:Tack & Pine

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