You weren’t the woman of my dreams
Because the woman of my dreams was an idea, an ideal
You were not an ideal, or anything near or liken to it
No, no, no. You were a brazen reality
Far surpassing any and every dream
Of which you made each into a puny insignificance

And for a brief moment in time, you were my reality
By some severe mercy of the universe
By way of some undeserved kindness
What fortune of fortuitous luck

Unleashed and undomesticated
You are as wild as the wolf’s echoing howl
You are as majestic as the musing moon
You are as whimsical as the wavering willow
You are as fantastical as the flickering flame
You are as subtle as the slithering snake
You are as stunning as the shimmering stars
You are as distant as the dancing divine, and
You are as haunting as the harrowing hallows

Reality is subject to change
Mercy only lasts so long
Kindness can’t last forever
Luck so very often runs out

I can’t shake you
I both do and don’t want to

Luck is anxious
Luck don’t come my way
Luck is antsy
Luck has a price to pay
Luck is a transient
Luck don’t ever stay

Loveland, CO ¦¦  January 8th, 2019

Copyright © 2019 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.

Posted by:Tack & Pine

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