Alright. Here we are. No. Well, here I am. It’s usually just me. It’s not so bad though, I’m not so terrible — most of the time. I can get a little sketch when I’m wading in my own head–swimming in the menagerie of madness.

The milky mirth of melodious methodology.

The masquerading mystery of my own mental malnutrition.

Or mastering the mundane massaging of micro-managed mentions.

It can be anything — but it’s always dramatic. Times like these, that is. But unless you know me really well, you wouldn’t know it. I’m…


Just like the word above. Barely visible. Stealthy. Just like my presence among desirable women. They don’t even know I’m here. They don’t know– when I come, when I leave. It’s a unique gift hex.

Nah. It’s good that way. I love quite freely and apropos to my often immediate course of intentionality with humans I meet– most people, I find, are either not interested or not equipped to receive love or gifts and they spook quite easily. So. It seems it is better for me to arrive unknown and leave forgotten.

It is disappointing. Sure. But it’s normal. Old hat. It’s familiar. And it’s fine.


Berthoud, CO ¦¦  April 12, 2019

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Posted by:Tack & Pine

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