Birds practice their morning aerial acrobatics routine.
Dip, flutter, float, spiral…raaaaaaaaaiiiiise
Dip, flutter, float, spiral…raaaaaaaaiiiiiise

Rounded, red, rocky spires look up, once stoutly and proud…
Now peer up spooked and timid…
They are used to being the tallest around…
And as it would turn out, do not take kindly to being looked down upon.

One flying avian is particularly upset this morning. Around and around in circles. Hovering circle after hovering circle. Constant chatter.
Alerting the world?
Alarming a loved one?
Selfishly protective and territorial?
Air rage?
Not feeling well?
Whatever the case, some incoherent, incessant, chirping chatter proceeds from its beak’s passageway.

…I think perhaps, one bird woke up on the wrong side of the branch this morning.

Teetering rocks of fortress capacity balance themselves all across the landscape. They threaten to tumble at any moment. But they are the epitome of a good poker player. They obtain the most epic of poker faces and are capable of bluffing for hundreds and thousands of years at a time. In fact, they have been.

Cool, sunup breezes caress my arms as they weave effortlessly and chillingly between my wispy arm hairs–compensating for the rising sun’s impending heat–to bring a balance in temperature to my skin’s surface. Nature’s thermostat is typically running rogue and remains unaffected by human interest or hopefulness. But on some occasions such as this, human need and nature’s unpredictable and sporadic syntax are fortunate to parallel each other.

The perturbed bird wails on.

It’s amazing. I sit just two feet away from an immense and very direct drop. It’s amazing because I didn’t even notice that side of the rock perch until a good while after I sat. But no bother. I am neither surprised nor scared by this discovery. Utah rock is like one giant, gentle, corporately-acting organism. And we get along swimmingly. Old friends who carry no fears amongst each other. We have been exploring each other’s essence for over a decade. Their feel, warmth, and openness are familiar to me.

Familiarity breeds comfort.
Comfort breathes relief.
Relief yields ignorance.
Ignorance births forgetfulness.
Forgetfulness manifests disbelief.
Disbelief targets ruin.
Ruin destroys it’s own.

I’m going to get down off of this rocky penthouse perch now.

…one way or another.


Arches National Park, UT ¦¦  April 27, 2019

Copyright © 2019 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.

Posted by:Tack & Pine

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