Suspended in the balance
Residing in the haze
The only light is pale
Superseded by a haywire dimmer switch
Oscillating emotions are my biggest fan
I’m not so much your city slicker
I’m more the making of a country sticker

Blueberry embers cackle and crackle
Right in the very heart of me
Not for warmth, but to bring the heat
As tangerine fire dances around my feet
I figure I could make a plan
Just as good as anyone can

Take a jog. Choose any path
Step into a bog. Forget to do the math
Inquire. Ask every single question.
Every time. Eliminating the intonation of suggestion
Invite yourself and come to all the right places
Respectfully invade all of the sacred spaces
Make your move at precisely the wrong time
Forget your voice. Become the pantomime.
Where do your words come from. Where do they go?
Be the nourished plant. Grow! Grow! Grow!


Loveland, CO ¦¦  April 6 ,2019

Copyright © 2019 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.

Posted by:Tack & Pine

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