I was solo hiking a few weeks back and on the way down from the peak, my brain fell into a repetitive, poetic, cheer-like rhythm–perhaps mimicking my feet and body’s movement?–and I spent the rest of the way down to my car churning this out. This one is fun, because I think we each have our own ‘it’ …. that thing that immediately comes to mind for you. Don’t suppress it.

Find your it, imagine it vividly, sit in it, and make your own beat and cheer that fit it. Maybe it needs some undoing, perspective shift, tender acceptance, or purging. Maybe there are other ways to see it. Whatever it is, name it. Invite it for tea and get to know it.

Enjoy this….enjoy it! 🙂


Find it, unwind it, put it to the stone and grind it
Return it, unlearn it, put it in the fire and burn it
Hush it, crush it, put it in the toilet and flush it
Grieve it, bereave it, put it in the trash and leave it
Defame it, name it, put it in class and tame it
Grease it, release it, put it on lock and police it
Demean it, clean it, say what you think and mean it
Fake it, take it, put it in the oven and bake it
Annoy it, enjoy it, review its resume and employ it
Fight it, delight it, put it in your mouth and bite it
Half it, photograph it, make it a joke and laugh it
Blend it, offend it, put it in the mailbox and send it
Steep it, keep it, put it in the ground and reap it
Feed it, need it, grow it in the garden and weed it
Fill it, kill it, put it in the books and bill it
Thumb it, numb it, put it in a song and hum it
Save it, engrave it, put it on a flag and wave it
Bust it, dust it, call it your friend and trust it

Rate it, hate it, why not romance and date it
Whore it, ignore it, challenge yourself to adore it
Shove it, glove it, discipline yourself to love it
See it, free it, live unfettered and be it


Allenspark, CO ¦¦  August 24, 2019

Copyright © 2019 Tack & Pine, All rights reserved.

Posted by:Tack & Pine

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