As an amateur wordsmith, I have a keen affinity toward vocabulary and how words are used to communicate. I am particularly fond of written word. I heartily enjoy taking the time necessary to carefully craft rich words together into –at least what I believe to be– a beautiful and deliberate mosaic.

When I began with the idea for Tack & Pine, I wanted to use a name that was simple, yet accurately represented the complexity of the person behind the name. I believe it is always within the person behind any name where the real value is held. The words that come out of Tack & Pine will pair well with things like single malt scotch, your own intense emotions, unicorn rides, and sensory deprivation tank sessions.

So without further ado,

Tack actually has a surprising number of definitions and meanings, but the terminology that rings true and holds personal significance for me sets sail within the nautical world:

Tack:  “to take or follow a zigzag course or route”

This idea correlates with my personality and the way I weigh things in my mind, particularly with decision-making. I constantly swing like a pendulum between parallel and opposite bounds, trying to find the balance of things. So as I enjoy and admire the nautical world, I find metaphoric value in tack‘s ability to express my zigzag style of journeying through my own humanity.

Pine holds two definitions of importance:

Pine:  “it’s a coniferous evergreen tree, of course!”

 “to yearn intensely and persistently especially for something unattainable”

Firstly, I love pine trees, especially their scent! They exude something wonderful that is difficult for me to accurately convey. Secondly and more poignantly, I cannot imagine a better explanation of my inner workings than a constant, perpetual yearning for something always out of reach. This will frequently show up as an underlying theme in my writing, in particular my poetry.

This is my life. You are welcome here. I implore you to tack and pine along with me.


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