Plagued by chronic wanderlust, a deeply rooted love for pizza, and an impossible last name, Benjamin deLeeuwerk is a poet and amateur photographer.

Benjamin was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of sweet Virginia and has lived in several other savory states including Alaska, Colorado, and Washington. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration with an Art minor.

He likes to explore and probe the world with his heart, his unique lens, and his words. Benjamin writes short stories and prose about human encounters, along with poetry, tied primarily to the natural world and the human emotional state. He is the author to such poems as Fear, The Broken Coffee Mug, Totem, and Roasted Garlic

Benjamin currently resides in Loveland, Colorado and is employed in Northern Colorado’s art realm as a custom stone fabricator. His spare time is often consumed by mountaineering, getting lost in an introspection inception, baking whole wheat breads and homemade pizzas, engaging and affirming strangers, sipping a single origin coffee at Dark Heart Coffee Bar, hiking and camping in Utah and the Rockies, being far too serious, or learning how to be restful and stable and content through any circumstance.